Hi everyone

My name is Holly Rae and I'm trying to stop being a bad person on accident and start being good person on purpose. I'm an English Master's student trying to put weird and difficult things into words. I created this blog to act as a sort of repository of the extraneous thoughts and findings that … Continue reading Hi everyone

Hacking Addiction and Depression with Healthy Dopamine Release

Our minds will always seek dopamine-releasing activities because our reward system is looking for satisfaction. It helps us to survive. But when we make a habit of using addictive behaviors to activate our reward system, that system tells us to continue seeking these addictive and destructive behaviors. I've compiled a list of ways that I have researched and tried myself that have helped me reclaim my rearward system and help me avoid depending on addictive behaviors and substances to regulate my mood.

Why you May be and Addict: The Covert Side of Addiction and Distraction

I want to gently broach the topic of addiction and repetitive impulsive behavior by positing that many of of coping mechanisms are not healthy and need to be looked at more carefully in order to live the most meaningful and fulfilling lives we can. The first step to re-writing ourselves to be motivated by accomplishing good things for ourselves, big and small, is finding what habits we have that are hijacking our dopamine response.